Pipe networks are widely used in industry.

There are many types of networks: air, water, steam, natural gas, acids, dust, barley, etc.

With our many years of experience in this field, we undertake new network installations and mapping through diagram design as well as modification or replacement of existing networks.

In all cases, piping networks require highly specialized and certified personnel, which the company APOLLON E.T.E. has. S.A. Our company undertakes the study, construction and installation of various hydraulic networks in industrial areas:


Water Networks

Construction of water networks for treatment or bottling, stainless steel (SS), black (CS), plastic (HDPE).

Construction of water networks to Cooling Towers, Cooling units, Reverse Osmosis machines, Water Supply, etc.


Steam - Condensate Networks

Construction of steam networks, stainless steel (SS) or black (CS), steam supply and return, network insulation and complete steam operation systems for industries and crafts.

Installation of necessary accessories (steam valves, expanders, vapor barriers, steam traps).

Construction of special steam supports (slides) for the correct operation of the network during contractions and expansions.


Compressed Air Networks

Construction of compressed air networks 6-8bar, stainless steel (SS), black (CS) or galvanized (GS).

Construction of compressed air networks 40/60bar, stainless steel (SS), or black (CS). Compressed air piping is constructed in such a way that it is possible to vaporize it (contraction and expansion systems)


Networks of Pumping Stations

Construction of pumping station networks, stainless steel (SS) or black (CS), in pumping stations of small and large industries and municipal apartments.


Ammonia Networks

Construction of ammonia networks with the corresponding supports and special ammonia valves (straight and angular), welding by specialized welders and insulation of the networks, to guarantee the good operation and safety of the construction.


Fire Networks

Construction of fire networks, in accordance with the current regulations in industrial areas, shops, crafts.

Possibility of constructing the networks with grooved components and pipes (groove). Installation of fire hydrants, sprinklers, water supply systems.


Heating - Air Conditioning Systems Networks

Construction of cooling – heating, air conditioning networks of all types (stainless steel, black, plastic), fully automated and delivered in full and good operation.